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Bubbles | Catherine Erb

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Rebekah: How do you like to be creative?

Catherine: Pretend my bed is a boat?

R: How else do you like to be creative? Do you like to perform? Do you like to be an actress in movies?

C: I like to be an actress. I can still be an actress when I am a kid.

R: Absolutely. Remember- you were an actress in Bubbles. What is your favorite thing about what you like to do?

C: I like going to the park with you.

R: What about what’s your favorite thing that you like to do- what’s your favorite thing about acting?

C: You mean like a movie?

R: You like making movies?

C: First in my movie, we have to like, act it out, and not the real acting- we just kind of learn it.

R: How did you learn acting? Did you learn it at school?

C: By you!

R: How much time do you spend creating?

C: A lot. Like, every single day.

R: Do you like to share all of your art? And perform your art?

C: Mmm-hmm.

R: Who do you like to share it with?

C: You!

R: Who else do you like to share it with?

C: Uh, Daddy. And Rhye (?)

R: Your brother?

C: Mmm-hmm.

R: So, you played in ‘Bubbles’; do you remember acting in the movie ‘Bubbles’? What was your favorite part about it?

C: The bubbles.

R: When we got to play with the bubbles, and do the effects?

C: Mmm-hmm.

R: We can see ‘Bubbles on RAD Entertainments YouTube channel; that’s pretty cool. So, who helped create the story of ‘Bubbles’?

C: Tony.

R: Tony created the story, didn’t he? He had an idea, and we all talked about the story and helped, right?

C: Uh-huh. That was my part (plan?), but you planned it out for me, and I want to plan it.

R: Yeah, but you’re planning in a movie too, aren’t you?

C: But I want to plan all of my movies.

R: Okay- you’ll be in charge of all your movies.

C: You were in charge of my first movie-

R: Because technically, that was Tony’s movie because he wrote it, and you just acted in it. So, would you like to be an actress when you are older?

C: Yes.

R: So, is there anything you want others to know about being creative?

C: Uh, that you can pretend… that even if you have a small bed and a big bed you can pretend that it’s a boat.

R: No matter how old you are- because even though Rhye is older, he can still use his imagination

C: I know! And, I’m gonna bring that little ninja Lego to my dad’s so Rhye can see it, and I want to show it to him.

R: So, is there something you would like to tell if somebody’s trying something new, what advice would you give them?

C: No matter what, you can do it! Like, if I am riding the two-wheel bike, I don’t need anybody to push me

R: There you go: no matter what- you can do it.

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