Bubbles | Catherine Erb

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Rebekah: How do you like to be creative?

Catherine: Pretend my bed is a boat?

R: How else do you like to be creative? Do you like to perform? Do you like to be an actress in movies?

C: I like to be an actress. I can still be an actress when I am a kid.

R: Absolutely. Remember- you were an actress in Bubbles. What is your favorite thing about what you like to do?

C: I like going to the park with you.

R: What about what’s your favorite thing that you like to do- what’s your favorite thing about acting?

C: You mean like a movie?

R: You like making movies?

C: First in my movie, we have to like, act it out, and not the real acting- we just kind of learn it.

R: How did you learn acting? Did you learn it at school?

C: By you!

R: How much time do you spend creating?

C: A lot. Like, every single day.

R: Do you like to share all of your art? And perform your art?

C: Mmm-hmm.

R: Who do you like to share it with?

C: You!