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Brodie Z

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Local musician Brodie Z has been making his way back into the music industry for the past year. With a history of being an in-demand bassist for various bands, he’s far from new to the world of music. Originally from the Amarillo, Texas area, Ezekiel Brodie Vazquez moved to Indiana at a young age. The twenty nine year old artist grew up with a heavy influence of music around him, thanks to his mom, who introduced him to the 80’s and early 90’s new wave at a young age.

Prior to branching off independently, the local musician had been a part of multiple bands throughout the past few decades, including Forever at Last, under Victory Records, and The Islanders. While with The Islanders, his most recent band, he travelled the country touring with big named groups, like Korn.

Being a natural homebody and father of three, however, he knew his life needed to take a new direction. Taking a step back from stage life, he started a new adventure: opening up a restaurant in Winamac, Indiana called Sublime Subs.

The big life changes did not stop his inspiration for making music and in 2019 he began releasing music he had been creating on his own under the stage name Brodie Z.

His current music incorporates melodies that bare his soul. His lyrics expose his real life experiences and emotions about love, loss and human connection from his own perspective. His genre is a style of his own that ranges from Hip-Hop/Trap music to Reggae.

You can check out his latest release, ‘What I Need’ out now on Spotify. You can also find Brodie Z on Pandora and Apple Music as well.

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