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Ani-Madi | MadiLynn Coble

Sometimes, things are not what they seem.

For example, take Azura. Azura is an original creation- a dragon/wolf hybrid creature with scales. Despite first appearing terrifying, it prefers to do sweet things, like catching butterflies- contrasting its gentle nature against its scary outward appearance.

MadiLynn Coble probably seems like an ordinary teen, but her artistic talent and ambition as a costume designer and anime cartoonist contrasts that notion. It is that talent that inspired the creation of Azura, along with help from her friends.

Inspired by anime shows and video game characters, fourteen-year-old MadiLynn draws inspiration from her thoughts and even TikTok videos. Her favorite images that she draws include Eddy from Overwatch and characters from Five Nights at Freddy’s. Her appreciation for how the characters are drawn and the animation that goes on behind the scenes fuel her desire to be a video game

designer herself one day.

Complimenting her two-dimensional artwork is her interest in cosplay and the creation of the costumes it inspires. But these creations have on-paper beginnings as well, and MadiLynn, her sketchbook always at hand, finds the initial part of the process to be her favorite. She uses pens and pencils to draw outlines of the work and then gives them lots of colors- a process she spends ten to fifteen minutes on, at most.

She shares all aspects of her creativity with her friends, as they all display each other’s art and photos of their creative cosplay outfits on each other’s bedroom walls, as well as on social media.

An additional source of inspiration for MadiLynn is the encouragement of her family and friends and her pet ferret, Molly. Although Molly makes an entertaining muse, she has made trying new mediums such as paint a bit tricky. “Molly likes to climb all over the room, so I don’t really have a space to set up that she won’t get into,” MadiLynn says. “So, for now, I will stick with pens and pencils.”

With her imagination unleashed and her whole future to realize its potential, MadiLynn will not be able to disguise what she seems to be: a force to be reckoned with no matter what medium she chooses.

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