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'A Taste that's Sublime'

In November of 2019 musician Ezequiel Vazquez, goes by Zeke, traded the stage for business, becoming an entrepreneur after purchasing Sublime Subs in Winamac, Indiana from longtime friend Nora Schambers.

The bass-playing business owner continues to put his own style into every detail of the restaurant, giving the sub shop more of an urban, college-town feel than it’s downtown Winamac location. Zeke says he has always had a passion for food and enjoys bringing some culture and healthy food choices to the rural community of Winamac. “I am always looking for new recipes and attending food shows to help bring more variation to our county.”

Hours are following the ‘get it til it’s gone’ philosophy for now, opening at 10:00 a.m. and closing when the food runs out, which is typically around 2:30 p.m. Eventually, he hopes to extend the hours into the evening and weekends.

Being a new restaurant owner is overwhelming, even more so during a pandemic that stunted the restaurant business only four months after becoming a restaurant owner. Despite the trials of the first few months, Zeke remains optimistic for the future of Sublime Subs.

“I do what I love. It makes it not feel like work,” says Zeke. In the future, Zeke hopes to host more community events, collaborate with other local businesses, and have live music allowing other local artists to perform at Sublime as well.

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