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A Smorgasbord of Selection

Photo taken by Travis Thompson
“Just one of many reasons why I loved to cook! Being in control of what the food will look like, and taking a little bit of nothing and turn it into something someone is going to overly enjoy and on my end hopefully pull out their phone/cameras and start spreading my art around”. - Travis Thompson

For a modestly sized town, Rochester offers an impressive variety of dining options for aspiring foodies and devotees of classic restaurant fare alike. Access to fine dining, eclectic fare in a casual setting, comfort food classics, Cuban food and craft beers, and so much more are available to the discerning palates of locals and travelers who might venture past the standard off ramp fast-fast food choices to discover them. In the following pages, feast your eyes on a succulent selection of some of Rochester’s mouth-watering dining options. Whether your tastes lean toward the gourmet flair of the Evergreen restaurant, your appetite is stimulated by the beautiful views of Lake Manitou at the Dam Landing, or nearly anything you might crave in between, we present a sample menu of some of the best local dining.

Photo taken by Shelby Lopez

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