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Is it nurture, or nature? Is it talent, or is it taught?


In the wild, animals develop the skills they need to survive through a combination of instincts and learned behaviors. We humans tend to skew toward being taught everything we know, and when it comes to developing creative abilities, some people may have natural advantages, but the capacity to hone and utilize them to their fullest potential still needs to be learned.


In this issue of Digital Wolf, we focus on the next generation of Creative Natives who are making impressive strides in their respective arts, and give them their moment to shine even as their skills are still being developed. We explore their influences, their processes, and their hopes and plans for a future where the arts seem to be more crucial than ever before.


Join us in encouraging, supporting, and appreciating these young painters, photographers, actors, athletes, and other budding artisans among us as we celebrate them in Digital Wolf: Generation Next…


5th Edition | Generation Next releases on Feb 27, 2021

5th Edition

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