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Third edition released on April 7, 2020


For our third edition, Storefront Stories, we want to express our love and support of the community that we are a part of. In this issue, we want our audience to:

-Meet the people who make Rochester, IN a small town to reckon with.

-Appreciate the benefits of shopping/supporting local businesses, and building a sustainable community.

-Emphasize the importance of collaboration, volunteering, and contributing towards mutual goals that help us strengthen and build the places we call ‘home’.

The purpose of Digital Wolf has always been to emphasize collaboration and support, especially among the creative community, but now we are turning our attention toward the more literal community that has helped to inspire and encourage us. We want to tell the stories of what makes Rochester special, to highlight the unique individuals who are a part of the town’s fabric, highlighting its history, and its future.


By supporting Digital Wolf Magazine, you’re supporting the movement we’ve made  that emphasizes collaboration, supporting local and building our community to be a unique, vibrant, supportive place. 

3rd Edition

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