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Tina Pare Art Exhibition

Tina Pare joined us at the The Native Nook for a meet and greet art exhibition. This was free event for all ages, and open to the public. Refreshments were provided.

Tina Pare is a multimedia and visual artist who previously made art with food as a Sushi Chef for eighteen years. Born in Gary, Indiana, Tina now resides in Culver with her husband and four cats. She has been making art with sound as a musician in several bands including plankton since before the year 2000. Tina is self-taught except for classes in high school and a summer session at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago '88 in the fashion design course.

Two of her favorite artists are Van Gogh and Chao Sha0-an. Recently she has grown to admire John Lurie on HBO's Painting with John and Jingshen You.

Having Crohn's Disease makes some days hard and causes a lot of missed work. Tina is hoping that art will be a way for her to earn a living now that she is unable to physically work regular hours at a job.

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