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The Meantime Chronicles

Kyle Krauskopf traveled to the area from Seattle, Washington for an art show on July 14, 2022! Live music with Firetruck Saves the Day of Argos, Indiana.

Kyle joined us last summer for his show called Small Drawings High Hopes as well as being featured in the latest edition of Digital Wolf Magazine called Art Beats Stigma. His You Matter painting was featured on the back cover as well as made into stickers. . . He is currently immersed in The Meantime Chronicles- a new year long project marrying his beloved illustrative style with a new and original short story or poem each week for 2022.

When not actively working on his craft you can find Krauskopf helping people build things such as the Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery in Greenwood, WA, the brand new Museum of Museums in First Hill, WA, or Base Camp Studios in Belltown, WA. Sometimes he takes a “break” but it almost always involves brainstorming the next idea.


Podcast Recording


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