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One Year Anniversary Party

On April 30th, The Native Nook celebrated their one year anniversary from. The art gallery opened on May 1st of 2021.

Magician Norman Basile conducted a mind-blowing performance. Along with Norman, our fellow Creative Native, Shelby Lopez and family had their food truck set up outside with Tacos and Tarot.

Beer brewing brand, Wolfoose was our special guest along with Erica Coffing Art who did a live painting and sold it at the silent auction

The Chokers played live music starting and sold signed band prints!

On the same day, the 7th edition of Digital Wolf Magazine was released called Art Beats Stigma. The focus is on how art- in whatever form it takes- can change the conversation by bridging the gap between those struggling related to mental health or substance use issues, and the communities they may feel alienated from. Digital Wolf released this edition just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

This event was sponsored by The Times Theater of Rochester, IN!

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