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New Bar Babe

Photo taken by Shelby Lopez

After nearly eight years of managing Putt’s Bar and Grill at its Rochester East Eighth Street location, Monica Smith has created an atmosphere that makes it more than just a local hole in the wall bar. The customers have become a tight knit group, evolving into loyal friends that have her back and inspired her to take the next big step in business with confidence. On March 1, 2020, things became a lot more personal to her after the bar changed hands and former owner Al Puttman made a land-to-own contract that took her from being the manager to the new owner. Some things that won’t change? Her community support and involvement, and the same great food, like her famous breakfasts, mini tacos, burgers, and fries, are going nowhere. An Abate member for nine years, the bar will continue the Abate traditions and involvement in raising money, food donations, and toys for Treasures for Kids. She is proud to say all donations stay in Fulton County and make a direct impact to our community. The bars participation in the Chili Cook-Off, Holiday Stroll, and Boo Fest will also continue.

Although “new to business,” so to speak, as a bar owner, Monica always knew that she’d eventually be a business owner. Prior to being a bartender, her leadership skills always stuck out to former bosses. Every prior job she’s had resulted in her being promoted to a management position. She knows she has what it takes to succeed. The remodeling that’s underway will reveal more to come, allowing her to put her heart and soul into the building itself. Her huge passion for music has inspired Smith's future plans for the bar, as she hopes to bring more live shows, events, and an even bigger support to the local music and art scene. Smith has always been a huge supporter of local businesses and the Rochester community, having lived in the area nearly all her life. Becoming a bar owner has opened her eyes more than ever in understanding what it really means to support local. “I want to support other small businesses with as much passion as they have done for me. Places like the Dam Landing, Uncorked, and several other businesses in the area have really reached out to me and shown me the importance of building up our community for the better. I’ll do whatever I can to do my part and return that favor. Not just for my business- but for Rochester as a whole.” Follow Putt’s Bar and Grill on Facebook:

Photo taken by Shelby Lopez

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