Digital Wolf Network - Untold Stories of Creative Natives

DIGITAL WOLF NETWORK is an independent publishing company and media entity that includes Digital Wolf Magazine, On the Back Burner Podcast, and an art gallery called The Native Nook. With the benefits of creative synergy, the network continues to expand its reach organically across different mediums.


The network exists to:

  • facilitate and encourage collaboration 

  • highlight truly unique individuals

  • forming a digital network of creators

  • support local businesses and talent

  • build up our community

  • source of outreach, motivation, and potential cooperation among like-minded people.


A Creative Native is an individual who possesses a skill or talent they use to create for leisure, profit, or fundraising with the focus on art, community, and collaboration. By taking a journalist approach, these interactions give us the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the personal lives exposing the unique paths of each individual.

Whether you prefer to read about or listen to the Untold Stories of Creative Natives or view their work, our mission is to highlight the inspiring unique abilities. Our hope is to inspire others to collaborate and not be afraid to expose your own contributions and uniqueness to the world.


Comments, ordering information, and questions can be directed to: Call/text: (574) 242-1120