Join us on a Saturday Stroll to highlight women-owned businesses here in Rochester, Indiana!


This is a day to support women business owners by visiting their stores and seeing what is available in the community. Learn about a new location you may not have been to while enjoying a Saturday of local shopping.


Stroll around on your own schedule and visit the locations of your choice with the help of a digital map that will be provided. All genders and ages are welcome to participate in this event. Participants can enter into a free raffle for a gift basket from our Event Hosts!

Event Hosts: The Chameleon’s Closet | The Native Nook | Erica Coffing Art | The Flagpole

West Ninth Boutique | Putt’s Bar & Grill


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How can you support?

  1. Visit the locations on the list provided. Each location that is participating has a red flag on the map. Click on the location and the hours and directions will be provided. Hours vary!

  2. Purchase a tee shirt (ORDERING HAS ENDED)

  3. Enter the free raffle 

List of Locations & Hours


  1. West Ninth Boutique 119 West 9th Street (10am - 6pm) 

  2. The Chameleon’s Closet 723 Main Street (9am - 6pm)

  3. Flirt Boutique 625 Main Street (10am - 5pm)

  4. The Native Nook 616 Main Street (11am - 2pm) 

  5. Ann’s Bargain Barn 221 Apache Drive (9am - 5pm)

  6. Towne Home Furnishings 231 Apache Drive (9am - 5pm)

  7. Craft Crossing 715 E 9th Street (10am - 3pm)

  8. Elemental Art Studio 713 Main Street (10am - 6pm)

  9. Rochester Greenhouse 412 West 11th Street (7am - 12pm)

  10. Brooch Boutique 412 West 11th Street (10am - 4pm)

  11. Northern Traders 2801 N Old US Hwy 31 (9am - 5pm)

  12. Rustique Fox 5412 W 100 N (10am - 5pm) *GRAND OPENING*

  13. Petunia's Antiques 1442 W 18th St (10am - 5pm)


  1. Uncorked 527 Main Street (4pm - 10pm)

  2. Evergreen 530 Main Street (8am - 10pm)

  3. Putt’s Bar & Grill (21+) 128 E 8th Street (9am - 3am)

  4. Rochester Bagel & Coffee House 231 E 9th Street (6am - 2pm)

  5. The Flagpole 514 E 9th Street (Closed for the Season)

  6. Jarrety’s Place 701 Main Street (6:30am - 2pm)

  7. The Lighthouse Kitchen 2123 E State Rd 14 (6am - 8:30pm)

  8. Streamliner 201 E 9th Street (11am - 10am)

BEAUTY SHOP (By Appointment)

  1. Total Body Works Day Spa 716 Main Street

  2. Plush Beauty Lounge 111 E 7th Street 

  3. Shear Image 710 E 9th Street

  4. The Beauty Box  459 E Race Street

  5. Salon 708 320 E 8th Street

  6. Starlocks 1323 Main Street

  7. Glitter Grooming (Pet Grooming) 2262 N Old US Hwy 31

  8. Nikki's Creative Hair Design 804 Main Street



  1. Ladybug Cleaners  528 E 9th Street (Open 24 hours)

  2. Tidewater Tax Services 806 Main Street (11am -2pm with snacks)

  3. Rochester Dental Center 1360 E 4th St (Closed)

  4. Enid Cleaning Services 826 Main St (By Appointment)

  5. Rochester Reality 423 E 9th Street (By Appointment)

  6. Dream Vacation Tatter Travels 331 Main Street (By Appointment)

  7. Fretz Abstract Co. 820 Main Street (By Appointment)

  8. Rochester Rotational Molding 1952 E Lucas St (By Appointment)

  9. Jackson Estates 1674 N County Rd 750 W (By Appointment)

  10. Be McCall Fit (By Appointment)

  11. Pacesetters Real Estate 812 Main Street (By Appointment)

Click on the Red Icon for hours & directions.
Enter the Free Raffle Drawing - August 9th until September 18th

How to enter:
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