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The Master of Disgust

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Deryk Wehrley is a twenty six year old special effects artist from Dayton, Ohio. Inspired by 70’s and 80’s horror films growing up, the deeper he went down the rabbit hole of obscure movies, the more he paid attention to the textures and makeup, and wanted to try it for himself.

He is now a special effects artist for Rad Entertainment out of Logansport, Indiana, and specializes in gore, guts, and all over gross things that make people squirm.

He uses textures to make scenes in movies more realistic with makeup and prosthetics that he sculpts by hand. “Sculpting gore is much like trying to create the effect you get looking at injuries,” Wehrley explained. “Nothing is flat or a solid color. There’s a lot of texture involved to make it real. When people see the details, it tricks the eye into believing it’s real.” This not only helps the viewers but the actors as well.

Touch means everything in the world of special effects. “As I’m sculpting things, I often close my eyes,” he explains. “I think back to Halloween parties as a kid and being blindfolded to stick your hand in bowls that felt gross. The way your brain processes what you’re touching is what makes it disgusting.”

Touch means everything in the world of special effects. “As I’m sculpting things, I often close my eyes,” he explains. “I think back to Hallow

Fast and Easy Fake Intestine Recipe | Wear gloves, because it’s about to get messy!

Remember! Safety first! If these will be ‘chewed on’ for a zombie or cannibal film, make sure you or your actor do not ingest any makeup, fake blood that is NOT mouth safe, or anything of that nature. Sub that stuff out with corn syrup based blood or other food type products. The rundown I’m giving is for piles of guts, disembowelment, or corpses. Not exactly ‘edible’. Use your head! Don’t be a doofus!

  1. Take 3 sets of full pantyhose in assorted sizes. 2 in nude 1 in black.

  2. Stuff the pantyhose with paper towels, toilet paper, and some packing peanuts. Alternate the stuffing and mix stuffing to maximize texture.*

  3. Knot off the top of the pantyhose to make large ‘snakes’.

  4. Soak the intestines in a bowl of fake blood. Make sure they are thoroughly soaked.

  5. Mix up some bloody slime by mixing petroleum jelly and fake blood. **

  6. Add nernies! ***

  7. Mix up the gut concoction and make sure the nernies are mixed in well and wrapped around some of the intestine ‘snakes’. This will give lots of body and texture to the guts.

  8. Disgust your friends! Scare the neighbors! Make a movie!

* Note: if you want to get real crazy, you can airbrush some veins and texture on the pantyhose snakes before you stretch them and stuff them.

** Note: if you mix in a very small amount of yellow and green food coloring to the fake blood along with more red, you can manipulate the color of the fake blood. I prefer my blood slime to have a deep crimson with an almost burgundy tinge to it. The more color breaks, the more depth and texture you can create.

*** Note: you can make nernies by mixing up some liquid latex with deep red acrylic paints. Once thoroughly mixed, use a brush, spoon, or paint stick to splatter, drizzle and fling the colored latex on a sheet of plastic. Be sure to not get it on clothing or furniture because it is messy and can ruin fabrics. Once dry, powder the nernies with baby powder and peel them off the plastic. Powder them all over to keep the latex from sticking to itself. If you peel the web up as a whole, you can rip it into strips or chunks, whatever you like best!

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