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Tattoos are My Story | Bradley Pearce

Tattoos are My Story | Bradley Pearce

Written by Sheldon Hubbard

“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” Johnny Depp certainly said it all here. It is one thing to make art that tells a story you are trying to tell, but there is something sensational about how people can take another’s visualization and turn it into an unforgettable realization.

Gaining his reins from an apprenticeship at Tommy’s Tattooing (through Tommy White himself), Kokomo native tattooist Bradley Pearce is an exemplary display of what it is like to not only meet your client’s expectations but exceed them to an epic degree. When asked if he feels encouraged to be creative, Bradley said, “Yes. I feel that clients expect me to surpass their expectations.” When one goes to the drawing board with this sort of confidence in their abilities, one will more than likely come out with the reminder that they will only ever be as good as they push themselves to be.

With a hulking portfolio, it is easy to (literally) see why Bradley does not simply love what he does, he is what he does. Any awesome tattoo artist will understand the spirit of this sentiment toward others. There may be people out there who have certain preconceived notions about “tattoo artist attitudes,” but the satisfaction received once a piece is complete can feel nothing short of incredible. It is what makes the tattoo, the tattoo; the diligence, patience, and excitement it takes to tackle such special artwork.

“I am just very thankful that I have the support that I have. So many people allow me to help them with decisions that they carry with them forever.”

One can only hope that people understand the permanence of tattoos on their bodies. Getting an unwanted tattoo is akin to splaying your house with decor that you do not enjoy. Helping people tell their story by ornamenting the home of their soul does not take skill alone, it takes oomph and compassion to create covalently with others.

With a strong establishment and appreciation for art from his earliest memories into today, Bradley has dabbled in a few other artistic mediums, including, but seemingly not limited to, sculpting, carving, pottery, and even airbrushing. In terms of tattoos, you can find plenty more of Bradley’s work on his socials; and certainly on Bohemian Tattoos Club’s website at

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