Google Drive & Photos Drive

  • All magazine folders and podcast folders are under, and shared with each separate gmail for magazine and for podcast (main organization location)

  • Jessica will maintain the drives

  • Keep your writings in your own accounts, then email or share the file to and Jessica will transfer the info to the correct doc for the next steps in the process and for editors. 



Social Media Content & Posting

  • Magazine content is posted on Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • Podcast content is posted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

  • -podcast release every other Thursday at 6pm

Interviewing Process

  • Write your stories in your own accounts, or paper (whatever your process) 

  • When done, email file or share file to

  • Be sure to prep questions prior and share prior to interview so everyone is on the same page or can add questions or adjust

  • Be sure to get an email from ALL interviewees or anyone involved the mag so they can be sent a copy of the pages before print as well as a release form 


Ad Space Sales & Process

  • If you write a receipt, send a pic to so an invoice can be made for tax purposes. Need to have invoices since we are official

  • A chart will be made by July 1st with the Ad Details, Ad Guidelines, and information to collect, as well as information they may want to put on the ad.

  • Once you will out a chart for an ad design, take a photo or scan and send to or send to Jessica for the next steps

  • Must get an email address!! 

  • Example of information for the ad design: Name, Biz name, email, phone, services, social media, photos, website, or tagline (printable hand out will be made)

Magazine Pack:

  • Jessica Shafer - Creative Director/Designer

  • Shelby Lopez - Photojournalist 

  • Brian Walsh - Creative Writer 

  • Andrea Stineback - Co-Editor

  • Brynn Wilson - Co-Editor

  • Justin Kleinrichert - Graphic Artist

Shelby to do:

  • Shelby will be writing the stories, brian and Jessica will help add in if it fits

  • schedule interviews


Brian to do:

  • Start intros for each of the 6 senses

  • Reveal party write up (halloween, not sure on time and place), full moon

  • Intro to mag

Jessica to do:

  • Create ad space campaign email

  • ad space sales to past supporters

  • Social media posting

  • collect release form info

  • transfer all communication to website

  • Order business cards

  • Magazine Sales

  • Schedule podcast recordings with postings

Brynn, Justin, Andrea to do:

Sign release form:

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