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Digital Wolf Network excels in strategic and creative decision-making, enhancing brand awareness with a deep grasp of visual communication. We offer the 16-week Branding Package or Branding & Web Design Package at inquiry-based rates.

Our Branding Consulting Package involves collaborative efforts to develop comprehensive branding materials, including graphics for digital and print use, along with optional printing services. We provide project management, event planning support, Social Media Management, team training, and photography, complemented by creative guidance on marketing and design strategies.

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The Branding & Web Design Package offers a personalized web creation with covered hosting and domain fees, managed account information, and SEO optimization. We also handle Google My Business setup, updates through a retainer service, and optional photography and copywriting assistance. We can enhance your online presence further with a mobile app and up to 6 pages are included. 

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Fill out the Building Branding Consistency Form by clicking the button below.

Email for any other project inquiries.

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