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As an independent contractor, I have had the opportunity to work with diverse individuals and businesses, providing Graphic & Web Design, Social Media Management, and Marketing Campaigns both locally and nationwide. While my focus has primarily been on small businesses, I have also collaborated with prominent corporate companies such as Samsung and the Indiana Toll Road. These experiences have allowed me to refine my skills in creating impactful marketing projects from concept development to final execution. 

One of my strengths is my ability to work independently while also thriving in a collaborative environment. I am a creative self-starter who enjoys taking ownership of projects, but I also value the input and expertise of a team. My strong time management and organizational skills ensure that I meet project deadlines effectively and efficiently. By working in tandem with others, I have consistently achieved successful outcomes and contributed to the attainment of shared objectives. 

My expertise lies in making strategic and creative decisions that enhance brand awareness and consistency. I have a deep understanding of visual communication and can effectively translate concepts into compelling designs that resonate with target audiences. Additionally, my proficiency in various design software and tools enables me to deliver high-quality and visually stunning outputs. 



Digital Wolf Network is highlighting unique individuals and businesses through Graphic & Web Design, Social Media Training, and Marketing Campaigns.  By organizing and creating content and marketing materials, we are creating a consistency in your brand. Projects are creative, custom, and professional. Every small touch means something to your customers.

  1. Building Branding Consistency Package - Create a 8 week plan & schedule to build content


  • Organizing information to build branding materials (Recover old accounts)

  • All graphic designs are included for print and digital (printing is an additional fee)

  • Giving creative consulting on marketing and design

  • Project Management & Event Planning

  • Social Media Management and team training

  • Photography when needed for designs or marketing

  • Getting Started: Collect keywords, slogans, taglines, descriptions, login credentials for relative accounts

  • After 4 weeks: Create Accounts, Update content and verbiage, Create Design Content, Social media updates, Finalize any projects

  • After 8 weeks: Can continue another 8 weeks or end services. If a web design is added,  maintenance is still provided for 4 more months with fees included. Any design or marketing campaigns will be billed according to project and are not included with the web maintenance.

  1. Web Design & Maintenance Package - Launch within 8 weeks | Discount with branding package only


Websites are designed custom to your business and kept up to date with the latest website trends and features. Continued Web Maintenance on all digital services rendered by Digital Wolf Network is required. For info on a web design build without branding services, click here.


  • Up to 5 pages

  • New Custom Design with Maintenance 

  • Hosting and Domain Fees are included

  • Manage Account Information and Expiration Dates

  • SEO Hosting and Analytic Setup (keywords, titles, descriptions)

  • Google My Business Setup & Management

  • Updates at anytime (on retainer)

  • Photography included (if needed)

  • Website copy (about, descriptions, filler content)

  • Content Management

  • Blogging, E-Commerce 

  • Email Marketing

  • Mobile App

  • Getting Started: Add 5 hours per week

  • After agreement ends: a new contract will be created and a new fee will be required to continue services

Fill out the Building Branding Consistency Form by clicking the button below.

Email for any other project inquiries.